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Mahathir Mohamad

Tun Dr. Mahathir bin Mohamad (pronounced [maˈhadɪr bɪn moˈhamat]). (born 10 July 1925) is a Malaysian politician who was the fourth Prime Minister of Malaysia. He held the post for 22 years from 1981 to 2003, making him Malaysia's longest serving Prime Minister. His political career spanned almost 40 years.

Bakun Dam
Transparency International includes Bakun Dam in its 'Monuments of corruption' Global Corruption Report 2005.
Financial Cost (MYR): 2256000000

Issues in which this person indirectly implicated, such as personally or on a board allowing this issue to happen, conflict of interest or benefitting in some way as a result of this issue.

Opposition MP Jailed for Sedition for Criticising Government Handling of Statutory Rape Allegation
Lim Guan Eng then MP was jailed for questioning the forced detention of the girl who alleged she was raped, while the then Chief Minister of Malacca Rahim Tamby Chik walked free.
Financial Cost (MYR):
Company to be provided RM500 million in loans, assets ended up being frozen due to reports of criminal breach of trust
Financial Cost (MYR): 240000000
Tajudin Ramli's dept to Danaharta
Depsite High Court ruling, government owned Danaharta settles with Tajudin and waives debt owed of RM589 million
Financial Cost (MYR): 589000000
Maminco-Makuwasa Affair
Maminco was a company setup to buy futures contracts to drive up price of tin. When that failed, to cover up the losses a company called Makuwasa Securities was setup to use EPF funds to create profits from sales of undervalued shares.
Financial Cost (MYR): 1600000000

Issues for which this person has publicly support.

Bribery Sabah Land Development Board
Lembaga Kemajuan Tanah Negeri Sabah
Financial Cost (MYR): 137500000

Being implemented. This will allow us to track additional conflict of interest relationships