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Wastage of Public Funds on Executive Jets

RM182 Million spent in 2012 for maintenance and flights costs for fleet of private planes and helicopters. Used for personal holidays as well as in election campaigns.



  • 2013-11-08 - PMO: Putrajaya splurged RM180m to fly private in 2012 - Malay Mail Online
    Against: Mahfuz Omar, "suggested that the government’s top executives should fly using commercial airplanes more frequently from next year onwards, including for their overseas trips."
  • 2013-11-07 - RM182 mil spent on govt executive jets last year - The Sun Daily
    Implicated: Najib Razak, Muhiyiddin
    Disclosing: Anthony Loke
    Financial Cost: RM182M total, rough estimates would be to minus average cost of each flight against first class tickets on commercial flights.