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Sabah Timber Corruption

Malaysia’s Foreign Minister Musa Aman and brother Anifah Aman Chief Minister of Sabah alleged to be the secret beneficiary of lucrative timber licences in Sabah’s dwindling Forest Reserves



  • 13 October 2012 - Najib says will not disclose source of Sabah Umno’s political donation [Malaysian Insider]
    Supporting: Najib Razak
  • 12 October 2012 - MACC clears Musa Aman; RM40m was for Sabah Umno [Malaysian Insider]
    Supporting: Nazri
  • 12 June 2012 - Swiss public prosecutor asked to charge UBS over laundering of Borneo logging corruption proceeds - Bruno Manser Fonds
    Update Alledged Financial Cost (USD 90 million or RM 285 Million)
  • 9 April 2012 - Bank Statements Show That Musa Aman’s Sons Accessed Dirty Money - Sarawak Report
    Directly Implicated: Daud Tampokong, Michael Michael Chia
  • 9 April 2012 - PKR vows tell-all after authorities turn deaf ear to Sabah scandal - Malaysian Insider
    Persons Disclosing: Rafizi Ramli
  • 5th April 2012 - Malaysian Foreign Minister Named In MACC Investigation Into Sabah Timber Corruption - Sarawak Report
    Directly Implicated: Abdul Gani Patail, Anifah Aman
    Reporting: Clare Rewcastle Brown