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Port Klang Free Zone

Cost overruns of RM12 Billion ringgit


This is one huge scandal involving dozens of companies revealed from a limited scope Price Waterhouse Coopers audit. Will need relations to Organizations (companies) feature to break all of it down. While Ling Liong Sik seems to be the one charged, the entire ministerial cabinet at the time may also be indirectly implicated.


  • 2013-10-25 - Liong Sik acquitted of cheating charges - Malay Mail Online
  • April 27 2012 - Kong admits ‘partly true’ in restoring PKFZ bond payments - Malaysian Insider
    Directly implicated: Kong Cho Ha
  • April 26 2012 - KDSB agreed to pay PKFZ bondholders - Malaysian Insider
    Directly implicated: Tiong King Sing as shareholder in KDSB
    Indirectly implicated: Najib Razak, reported to have ordered Port Klang Authority to pay KDSB despite incomplete work.
  • April 17 2012 - PKA says KDSB bondholders paid to avoid breach of contract - Malaysian Insider
  • July 7, 2010 - Liong Sik charged over PKFZ case - MySinChew
    Against / Disclosing: Ronnie Liu

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