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Johor crown prince parody Twitter account

People arrested for parody tweets


  • April 7 2012 - Police quiz videographer over Johor crown prince parody Twitter account - Malaysian Insider
    Police hauled up a 24-year-old Zulhelmie Zullifan, a videographer, to assist in their probe into a parody Twitter account that has purportedly “insulted the honour” of the Johor crown prince, Tunku Ismail Idris. Police also seized his computer, iPad and BlackBerry smartphone, which they told him would be returned within a week.

Khairil Yusof
Khairil Yusof says:
Apr 07, 2012 11:34 AM
The police acted fast and confiscated several devices, from this person and their relatives. All for a parody tweet. By comparison they took months investigating NFC directors, and only confiscated a few office PCs. NFC case involved RM250 million of public money, but those implicated were people with connections to ministers, showing that there are double standards in Malaysia.